Course Brief

Documentaries play an important function within society and are very different to fiction. The documentary is used to record, portray, inform, educate and interpret events and experiences. The documentary form across different media and platforms seeks to expand our knowledge by exposing aspects of the subject to further scrutiny and examination. Hybrid and new types of documentary are evolving that use technologies in creative ways beyond the traditional film and television spheres.

Documentaries communicate in different ways and can be shocking, controversial, informative, humorous and emotional. There are an inexhaustible range of subjects and people to document, and the genre has sparked the careers of many authors, film makers, radio presenters, podcasters and media producers.
This unit allows students to explore the documentary genre conventions, learn about context, where the genre came from and consider its future. Students will learn how to find a subject, research, plan and produce a short documentary.

  • 60

Learning Outcomes
By the end of this unit students will be able to:
1. Discuss the features of documentary form through research into historical and
contemporary precedent
2. Develop documentary pre-production materials and plan, for a specific media
format, based on research
3. Produce a documentary work, in a specific media format, using industrystandard
tools and techniques
4. Present a documentary work to an audience, responding to commentary and

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