Course Brief

Corporate and Business Law is divided into eight areas. The syllabus starts with an introduction to the overall English legal system such as the court system and sources of law - including - human rights legislation.   It then leads into the area of the law of obligations including contract and tort, which underpin business transactions generally. The syllabus then covers a range of specific legal areas relating to various aspects of business of most concern to finance professionals.   These are the laws relating to employment and the laws relating to companies. These laws include the formation and constitution of companies, the financing of companies and types of capital, and the day-to-day management, the administration and regulation of companies and legal aspects of companies facing difficulty or in crisis.   The final section links back to all the previous areas. This section deals with corporate governance, ethics and ethical behaviour relating to business including criminal law.

  • This course is offered in 75 hours
  • Essential elements of the legal system
  • The law of obligations
  • Employment law
  • The formation and constitution of business organizations
  • Capital and the financing of companies
  • Management, administration and regulation of companies
  • Legal implications relating to companies in difficulty or in crisis
  • Governance and ethical issues relating to business