Course Brief

Developing creative film and television ideas into a workable project requires an understanding of the production practices associated with the industry. The management of a film or television production is an intricate task that requires a range of skills and the awareness to see a project through to completion. In addition, those working in the industry require knowledge of production management procedures, an understanding of legal and ethical constraints, and the ability to identify the required tools to ensure the smooth operation of a production.

A film or television project does not end at the edit. Project delivery will also include identifying and researching a target audience, the packaging and marketing of the product, and the eventual exhibition of the finished work. This unit will explore the stages of a film/television production, from concept generation through to public display of the completed product. By the close of this unit, students will have an awareness of the processes and practices required to
develop, shoot, and exhibit a film or television production. Students will develop key skills in project investigation and planning, production management, legal and ethical practice, and methods of promotion and exhibition. This unit will allow students to connect creative ideas with accepted film and television production procedures.

  • 60

Learning Outcomes
By the end of this unit students will be able to:
1. Discuss the roles and responsibilities associated with film production
2. Develop a film concept, through research into a selected topic
3. Evaluate a production plan for the management of a film project
4. Prepare a marketing and distribution plan for a film production.

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