Course Brief

Unit Abstract 

The understanding of more advanced mathematics is important within the civil engineering and building services engineering industries. Students must be introduced to additional topics that will be relevant to them as they progress to the next level of their studies; advancing their knowledge of mathematical theory gained in the Level 4 Unit 8: Mathematics for Construction.

The aim of this unit is to teach students to analyse and model civil engineering or building services engineering situations using mathematical techniques. Among the topics included in this unit are: number theory, complex numbers, matrix theory, linear equations, numerical integration, numerical differentiation, and graphical representations of curves for estimation within an engineering
context. Finally, students will expand their knowledge of calculus to discover how to model and solve problems using first and second order differential equations.

On successful completion of this unit students will be able to use applications of number theory in practical construction situations, solve systems of linear equations relevant to construction applications using matrix methods, approximate solutions of contextualised examples with graphical and numerical methods, and review models of construction systems using ordinary differential equations. As a result they will develop skills such as communication literacy, critical thinking,
analysis, reasoning and interpretation, which are crucial for gaining employment and developing academic competence.


  • This course is offered in 45 hours.