Course Brief

On completion of this course, learners will be able to:

  1. Draw upon appropriate techniques and have sufficient background knowledge to ensure good software engineering practices are followed
  2. Have the ability to select tools and methodologies that are the correct fit for the project at hand
  3. Structure a project into components and evaluate each step
  4. Demonstrate a broader understanding of software engineering as a discipline, recognizing its relationship and interaction with other design disciplines
  5.  Apply various project management tools to a software project

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  • Managing Software Development Projects

    This course is designed to allow participants to understand the various techniques for managing a software development projects. It builds on core concepts in the field of software development and provides an understanding of both theoretical and methodological issues involved in modern software engineering project management and focuses on practical application of techniques.

    Target Audience     
    • Software developers
    • Software development project managers
    • Systems Analysts
    • Self-taught users desirous of enhancing their knowledge
    • Interested members of the general public
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