Course Brief

Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Perform suitable and sufficient risk assessment
  • Identify the relevant sections of the legislation that applies to their operations and activities
  • Understand an OSH TT gap Analysis
  • Develop an HSE plan
  • Understand their legal obligations based on the Act

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  • OSH Act Awareness and Implementation Workshop

    The Occupational Safety Act of Trinidad and Tobago (as amended 3 of 2006) has been in effect for approximately (9) nine years. While some organizations, generally those in the public view have been proactive and sought to ensure compliance with the law, others are more reactive, and only when a serious accident occurs, they then cite lack of resources (cost) or unawareness as excuses which in the eyes of the law are not valid.


    Target Audience

    HSE Practitioners, HR advisors with responsibilities for HSE, Owners/Managing Directors of companies without HSE support.


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