Course Brief

Unit Abstract

The demands of modern living as well as the potential impact on the environment has meant that the building services engineer has become a key member of the building design team. The spaces that we occupy must be provided with ventilation to allow us to function and, where required, the addition of cooling helps to avoid the building overheating and maintains a comfortable environment for the

This unit will introduce students to the principles of the design and installation of these ventilation and air conditioning systems that are present in all of the buildings we use in everyday life. Subjects included in this unit are: the production of pre-design/design briefs, design data, cooling loads, total cooling loads, cooling plant capacity, building
overheating, peak summertime temperatures, sizing and specification of ventilation and air conditioning system components, and the commissioning, testing and handover procedures.

On successful completion of this unit students will understand the principles of ventilation and air conditioning systems.


  • This course is offered in 45 hours.