Course Brief

This course is designed as an Oil and Gas specific extension of the Project Management course.

It takes the basic ideas, tools and concepts developed in Project Management and concentrates on a number of key areas, including contracting, risk, disputes and uncertainty, developing them in more detail with a specific emphasis on the oil and gas industry.

It is designed for people in the Oil and Gas industry who are looking to develop their Project Management skills in areas that are of specific application in that industry.

The main areas covered are included in direct response to feedback from the industry.

  • 40 Contact Hours
Topics covered
  • Project Management as a concept.
  • Project risk and inter-dependency.
  • Project change control.
  • Project contract documentation.
  • Standard forms of contract.
  • Claims and claims procedure.
  • Acceleration and probabilistic time modelling.
  • EVA-based estimating and cost control.
  • Uncertainty, contingencies and scenario planning.