Course Brief

Unit Aim
This unit aims to help learners to understand the impact of e-commerce on business. It also enables learners to analyse and evaluate key aspects of e-commerce systems and their deployment strategy. 

Unit Overview
This unit is for learners considering a career in computing and information systems and who wish to gain an understanding of e-commerce strategy. The unit will equip learners with the skills and knowledge to review the impact of e-commerce on business. It will also enable the learner to develop the skills to make key strategic decisions regarding e-commerce systems, and consider issues relating to contract law, intellectual property and e-commerce security risks.

Learning Outcomes
After successfully completing this unit, the learner will:
1. Evaluate the benefits of web applications to an organisation
2. Analyse how to design and implement a web application
3. Analyse the merits and limitations of using open-source software
4. Analyse the methods of hosting and deploying web applications
5. Analyse the methods of testing the accessibility of web applications