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Published: 8:47 AM on July 20, 2020

As the workforce slowly begins to resume full functionality in the wake on the ongoing pandemic, the question at hand is how to set yourself up for success in the ‘new normal’. While uncertainty abounds in terms of the shape of economies once the present pandemic abates, one thing is certain – life won’t return to how we once knew it. Fortunately, that isn’t necessarily bad thing.

As novel job opportunities begin to emerge, you need to refine your skill set to be a strong candidate in the competitive job market. 

When it comes professional development, our Corporate Education and Training Centre offers a growing list of now online courses across a wide range of subjects. When you learn online with SBCS GLI, you connect to world-class faculty, supportive staff, and professional development courses that provide specialized, sought-after skills in some of today’s most competitive industries.

The following are among our most recent editions; they serve to address two of the emerging emphases within our current context: 

A growing focus on food health and safety

The changing nature of how and where we work

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Let us partner with you to improve your skills so that you stay ready in your career pursuits.

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