Champs Fleurs Campus


Our Champs Fleurs Campus is our oldest operational campus.  Champs Fleurs began operations in 1990 replacing the previous campus at #3 Santa Cruz Old Road, San Juan, Trinidad.  The move from San Juan to Champs Fleurs was necessary to meet the rapidly growing enrolment numbers.  Initially the Champs Fleurs Campus began as a small house which accommodated both the living quarters and the class rooms.  Again the need for expansion became evident. Thereafter, the school underwent several modifications to become the multi-level structure as it stands today.

Another major event embedded in the history of SBCS, is the negotiation and development of strong affiliations with several world renowned universities.  This accomplishment ensured that the portfolio of the school’s offering widened so that there was a place and a programme for all who sought to improve their current educational standing.


One of the most frequently asked questions is why do SBCS buildings look the way they do.  Our buildings sport unique architectural design that defines who we are as an educational institution.

Our inimitable architecture is a tangible reflection of our vision – to create a unique learning environment.  Our buildings convey to our students that they are entering a place where any and everything is possible, where change is not just a word but is in fact our modus operandi.  Not many educational institutions are brave enough to construct the type of buildings that we have constructed, and this demonstrates the essence of leadership.  We are not afraid to push the envelope, even at the risk of being criticized.  Education is about change and our buildings show in a most palpable manner that we, as educators, are capable of ‘both talking the talk and walking the walk’.

Leadership is about creating a path, where none previously existed.  The very fact that we are not afraid to be different conveys that SBCS is truly a different place to learn.  We are a private entrepreneurial academic institution with multiple campuses offering to the people of the region unparalleled access to industry relevant, tertiary education and training in facilities that are unique in every way.  What sets us apart, however, is that our distinctive facilities are staffed by hundreds of unique individuals whose primary objective is to deliver an excellent service to our students.




Opening Hours

Monday – Thursday 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Friday 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Saturday 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM


Advisory & Academic Centres

Advisory & Admissions Centre663-7227 Ext. 1140 – 1146
Accountancy Training & Education Centre663-7227 Ext. 1010 – 1013
Centre for Certified Professional Programmes663-7227 Ext. 1040 – 1044
Centre for IT & Engineering 663-7227 Ext. 1091 – 1098
Centre for University of Greenwich Programmes663-7227 Ext. 1250 – 1255
Centre for University of London Programmes663-7227 Ext. 1250 – 1255
Corporate Education Centre663-7227 Ext. 1070 – 1080
Corporate Training Centre663-7227 Ext. 1111 – 1113


Champs Fleurs Facilities

  • Thirty one (31) classrooms
  • Thirteen (13) Computer Laboratories includes a 24/7 Study Lab.
  • Four (4) Engineering Laboratories inclusive of a Water Systems Lab.
  • Three (3) parking locations
  • Full coverage WiFi availability
  • Electronic Noticeboards
  • 24/7 General Study Room and dedicated Masters Study Room
  • Book Distribution Centre
  • VUE/MOS Testing Centre
  • Cafeteria and Vending Machine options
  • Student Recreation Centre
  • Library