Course Brief

  • To give students knowledge and experience in project planning and control methods.
  • To set an engineering design problem that requires a solution to be developed by a team.
  • In developing the solution to allow students to identify and experience the special organizational and communication needs required when working in groups.

Project management: Methods of achieving specified performance within the agreed time scale and budget; organization of project task forces; use of software tools for planning; scheduling and project control; adherence to appropriate quality standards.

Students will be encouraged to undertake a methodological approach to design, employing synthesis, analysis, and evaluation techniques. In particular the students will be made aware of the integrating aspects of the design process. For example, designing from a resources aspect, i.e. providing finance production/assembly facilities. Of particular importance will be integrating engineering principles, design, materials, construction / manufacturing, costs, environmental considerations etc.

Problems of group-management and teamwork will be identified and resolved so that the group develops into a cohesive problem-solving unit. Where appropriate/possible the supervisor will emphasize the wider role of the professional engineer in relation to society and the relevant legal and ethical responsibilities. Advice will be given on costing design solutions and in approaches to critical appraisal and justification of chosen approaches to planning, management and design.

The course will be interactive and practical that requires students to work within a project team to achieve a specific aim and objectives.

Weekly meetings, seminars and discussions both within the group and with the supervising lecturer, who will offer guidance and advice to ensure the group moves effectively towards a reasonable and structured solution to the problem set.

Each student will keep a personal log. Formal meetings will be convened every week, with a complete record of minutes being kept.

Each group will produce a full written report on the design project and will give a formal audio-visual presentation of their findings and the project’s management and development.

  • BSc. (Hons) Engineering Management (Construction)

    This programme is ideally suited for facility managers, office managers, building owners and anyone interested inĀ Facilities Management.

    The B.Sc. (Hons) Engineering Management (Construction) programme is accredited by the University of Greenwich and was structured to provide a viable top-up option to graduates of the Higher National Diploma (HND) in Building Services Engineering or Construction and the Built Environment (BSE). Having achieved the technical competency within the HND Building Services Engineering or Construction and the Built Environment (BSE) programmes, the B.Sc. (Hons) Engineering Management (Construction) top up programme serves to prepare students seeking careers as Building Services and Facilities supervisors and managers. The programme is designed to encourage students to develop a reflective approach to understanding engineering management principles and processes. Students will gain an understanding and appreciation of current management practices, and techniques as it relates to maintaining productive, creative and innovative operations where strict adherence to budgets and awareness of the cultural climate is essential.