Course Brief

The learner  will be introduced to self-development practices, including self-reflection in order to develop a unique and informative curriculum vitae (CV), complete job applications and prepare for job interviews. The course should
help to develop communication skills and self-awareness, and enable the learner to view his/her current position as part of a life-long journey of learning and development, both professionally and personally.

  • This course is offered in 55 hours

This unit aims to give learners a sound understanding of:

1. Explaing n the concept of employability,its relevance and value to both employing organisations and individuals

2. Assessing your own skill set in terms of employability and use it to write a unique curriculum vitae (CV) and
complete relevant job applications,maximising your potential value to an employer

3. Outlining how your skillset can be used to demonstrate your employability during the recruitment and selection

4. Appraising how employability skills can help establish you in a new job role and become part of the team

5. Using a process of self-awareness and self-reflection, summarise opportunities for personal development planning in order to ensure you maintain your value as an employee and advance your career potential

Assessment method: Assignment