Course Brief

Main areas of study:

-Conflict Resolution
-Having Difficult Conversations (courage to challenge and influence)
-Investigation Interviewing (probing and being inquisitive in the handling of grievance, discipline, bullying and harassment processes)
-Negotiation Skills
-Discipline/Capability Handling
-Grievance Handling
-Redundancy Handling
-The role of HR in supporting and mentoring Line Managers
-Dispute resolution techniques (settlements, mediation etc)
-Employment Tribunals

  • 60 Contact Hours

By the end of this module successful students will be able to do the following:

1. Analyse the concept of conflict and the obstacles and emotions encountered when having difficult conversations.
2. Demonstrate the ability to advise on a range of contentious employment practices using effective inter-personal skills in accordance with employment legislation to mitigate organisational risk.
3. Demonstrate and appraise their own essential HR transferable skill-set.
4. Analyse the ethical, procedural, legal and best practice requirements of a HR professional.

An individual skills assessment designed to allow students to demonstrate their understanding of best practice and utilise the skills developed in the module. Tests all Learning Outcomes. 2500 words (indicative word count).