Centre for Media, Communication and Design (Trincity Campus)

The Centre for Media, Communication and Design is one of SBCS' specialist campuses, dedicated to the delivery of interdisciplinary and creative skills-based qualifications which include:

Our locally and internationally recognized Media, Art and Design programmes aim to prepare students for exciting careers in areas as such as Journalism, Television and Film, Advertising, Corporate Communications, Marketing UX/UI Design, Illustration, Web Design and Arts Practice.

Other courses of study are also offered here by some of the UK's leading tertiary education institutions such as the Association of Business Executives (ABE), and Heriot-Watt University.

Students completing their studies will benefit from the use of industry-standard equipment and software and academic support offered by our experienced and qualified faculty of creative professionals.

Visit us today and become immersed in a progressive environment which seeks to foster media literacy, design thinking and creative expression. Contact us at cmcd@sbcs.edu.tt